Toby the English Setter

“The photography session with Paul was a very calm and well organised occasion. He was very sensitive to Toby’s initial nervousness and very quickly had our dog’s confidence with his gentle approach. Paul has managed to capture Toby’s very soulful sad eyes yet made him look very handsome and noble. We are delighted with the photographs.”

Patricia Hunt

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Chester the Labradoodle

" Paul’s calm and patient approach to photographing our lively labradoodle resulted in the most amazing photos. He really managed to capture his friendly nature. Thank you "

The Soloman Family

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Norbert the Wirehaired Viszla

" I really love how Paul's photographs capture a sense of the dogs personality as well as celebrating their beauty so well. I am sure his calm, positive approach helps achieve this. He looks after his four legged clients very well "

Claire Gunn

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Dexter the Vizsla

" Getting an eight month old puppy's attention is a challenge to say the least, but Paul was patient and kind and got amazing shots as a result. He truly captured Dexter's cheeky nature ! We love the pics ! "

Abbi Langan

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Angie and Roo's Wedding

" Paul was my wedding photographer and did an amazing job. Captured the magical emotions of the day and evening! Couldn’t of asked for anything better!! "

Angie and Roo

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